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1st Place: finding a travel companion (global) 2,000,000 matching succeeded! Serentrip - find your travel buddy with traveler matching service! 1st Place : finding a travel companion (global) 2,000,000 matching succeeded! ▶ Easy to find a trip buddy * Easier Log-in in 3 seconds with Facebook ID! Create trip and post a trip plan simply. Then people sharing similar schedule will be matched in real time. * Faster With searching destination and travel date, check travel plans by traveller with same schedule at once. * Safer Talk first without revealing any contact information of you. Press 'Apply Lounge', only when you decide to join to the plan. Check others profile written by themselves in lounge : such as Facebook / Instagram / website etc. ▶ Social travel makes your travel more variety! There are always many needs for preparing and going travel. "Anyone looking to go to Europe city this summer? I’m looking for people to travel with, especially the backpackers!" "I will go to Paris on September, Any suggestion about this city, please?" "I'm looking for recommendations on exciting places and things to do in Bangkok." "Can anyone give me any idea for my Osaka travel? ’Give some comments on it :)" "Next month, just moved to Barcelona from Rome. My dream is traveling around the world! But I feel a little bit lonely sometimes." "I'm doing solo travel now. I found a gorgeous restaurant in Jeju, but there are no dishes for just one person. How can I enjoy meal with reasonable price?" Don't worry! There's a fantastic way to meet all these needs. Find a cool travel mate with app Serentrip! They will make your trip much better than ever! Solo travel is also good, but you don’t need to be always alone! Solo travel finds something special in life, but friend for travel shows something else compared to something you’ve ever felt before! Good travel friends are now waiting for you in Serentrip :) Serentrip is a traveller network service made by travelers from all around the world. Share your travel spot and plan, and leave a post about your special journey. Then the awesome app 'Serentrip' helps you find travel companion, showing travellers sharing same destination with you! Enjoy traveler matching service in real time. Have a look at the plan of the matched travellers and get together! Here make your best foreign friends! Travel singles find travel friends! Let’s trip together! ▶ Special offers only for travellers planning to South Korea Will you trip or making journey or just enjoy tour in Korea for short period celebrating your vacation? Do you have any interest about the overseas cities like Seoul, Busan, Jeonju, Kyeongju or Jeju? Korea has an unique personality between far east countries such as China and Japan. And also different with southeast Asia countries :) Just write your travel plan down on app 'Serentrip' before your coming. You can find travelers looking forward to see you in Serentrip community. Meet foreign friends, meet Korean for every single moment in Korea Hang around with them and feel what real Korea is, what Korean culture is and what real Korean friends are like. Korean friend for travel gives you not only information Korea, Seoul, Busan, Jeju but warm friendship from Korean. ▶ CS Center * CS Center Inquiry Serentrip CS Center: Serentrip Homepage: Serentrip Facebook Page: Serentrip Facebook Group: Serentrip Instagram ID: serentrip_ (The answer may take 2-3 days.) * Developer Contact:

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