Submitted: Friday, 05 September 2014

RainBird enables anybody to capture their expertise and use it to build smarter applications and websites that others can consult with. In RainBird a user captures their expertise on a subject into a knowledge base. RainBird incorporates a new, easy-to-use language for building knowledge bases. This will feel familiar to Web Developers, with no background in AI or knowledge engineering. For non-technical user there's a graphical editor, allowing user to structure their knowledge visually. Publishing a knowledge base for end users is easy. We have options for integrations with websites via JavaScript and an API for larger software projects. When an end user interacts with a knowledge base they start by asking a question. Unlike static knowledge in a wiki or a blog Rainbird can ask the user questions back. Rainbird takes the answers the user provides along with the knowledge base to infer a solution to the question. Rainbird will even tell you how sure it is.

Tags: #ai #expertsystem #knowledge #api #developer #saas #mindmap

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