Submitted: Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Startups generally need to carry customers, revenues and funds to hatch, grow and become sustainable. This implies communicate well and become known for having the right metrics, a good traction and greater customer loyalty. However, communication and capturing visitors and customers takes time and considerable financial resources that a fundraiser can bring. Startups must be able to afford the time, visibility and resources. The only solution is to get quickly a good reputation for credibility and to attract the financial resources to hold out long enough for the activity to take off and grow . Our value proposition is the conjonction of these two main needs of startups : the notoriety and financial means! Every month NewDartagnan organizes startups competitions leading to awards and prizes from Big Corporates. Contests will award prizes up to €25k for a startup with the best value proposition. Currently, 50 major groups corporates all sectors are contacted to determine the schedule of contests. Among them 15 are parts of the CAC40. Furthermore, NewDartagnan will help you develop or create your startup through mentoring, help for your fundraising, networking with clients or partners, services (SEO, video, growth hacking, community management, content writing, etc...)

Tags: #startup #business #entrepreneur #crowdfunding #incubator

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