Submitted: Tuesday, 13 September 2016

The founder was caught by surprise when the government required him to send a fax to verify some details. Like so many in the 21st century, he did not own a fax machine. At that time, he realized that there wasn’t a simple, reliable and secure way to send a fax without having to commit to a subscription based service which would be impossible to cancel, or put money into a company from the 80’s. As a result, he founded Fax.to, to serve as a pay as you go online fax service. Today Fax.to offers a whole range of Cloud fax services including pay per use online faxing, fax to email fax numbers, Fax API for developers, and Fax broadcasting for fax marketing or newsletters. The goal to kill the fax dinosaur and bring fax communication to the digital age , through a convenient, easy to use and with respect to the customer approach.

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