Submitted: Friday, 29 July 2016

One of the most significant challenges to conducting business and personal activities online is maintaining security and privacy. Every time you log on to the Internet, there is a risk–no matter how small–of some unauthorized party gaining access to your sensitive personal information. If this information falls into the wrong hands, you could face a host of problems ranging from credit card fraud, online theft, or unauthorized data access. Since any and all of these problems could result in lasting financial, professional, and personnel issues, it is imperative to implement some means to prevent search data from being accessed by unauthorized parties in the first place. One solution that may just eliminate the risk associated with search data access is SearchLock. An innovative software extension that works with all major browsers, SearchLock employs multiple processes that allow you to perform common web activities without leaving a trace. Furthermore, none of your personal information is made available to any party, whether it is your ISP, the search engine itself, or any other unknown third party organization or individual. When you perform a search on Google or any of the major search engines, the search words or phrases you type into the search box is actually saved by the search engine. This is done in order to make subsequent searches faster and more efficient. Unfortunately, this could also result in the search words being associated with you and your other online activities. SearchLock prevents this from occurring by halting any attempt to track your search terms. Instead of sending the search data directly to the search engine, SearchLock reroutes them automatically and directs them to a privacy-safe results page instead. This enables you to get the results you want–just as if you had performed a typical search–with the main difference being the total security and privacy of your data. SearchLock also prevents your keystrokes from being logged by the search engines, your ISP, employer, or any other third party. Because most keystrokes are sent over the Internet without any form of encryption, it is a simple matter for anyone with the tools, knowledge, and capability to intercept the data and use them for illicit activity. SearchLock prevents this from happening by encrypting all keystroke data. And because SearchLock interfaces seamlessly with the browser, the process is virtually undetectable. A number of search engine services–Google and Yahoo! in particular–also own and operate online social media services. This may result in searches and search results being linked to your online account. This process is officially used to enhance the web experience, but it may also result in unwanted marketing and advertising. With the use of SearchLock, all searches you make are totally disassociated from your account, so you are free to browse and search for anything without having to worry about anyone finding out about your activities. Nowadays, it can be quite a challenge to keep sensitive personal and professional information secure. With SearchLock, you can keep your information safe while you enjoy a totally secure web experience.

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