Dirty Toad

Submitted: Monday, 25 July 2016

The idea behind Dirty Toad is a simple one. I design pun-inspired illustrations, place them on boring, everyday merchandise, write wacky product descriptions and photoshop ridiculous meme-inspired product images and tie it all together to create one epic storyline for each item in the store. For example, when you don the 'Thug Pug Tee' (https://www.dirtytoad.com/products/thug-pug-head-tee) you will quadruple your sex appeal and wield more badassery than Chuck Norris, The Mountain, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and Connor McGregor combined and multiplied by a thousand. Then there's the most expensive mug in the world, that also happens to be the worst mug in the world. This mug is appropriately called the 'Peice of Shit Mug' (https://www.dirtytoad.com/products/peice-of-shit-mug). I don’t recommend you buy this one. Finally, there’s the 'Thug Pug on a Mug' (https://www.dirtytoad.com/products/thug-pug-on-a-mug) that’s sculpted by Zeus, hand-painted with the tears of angels by a stable of pure-bred unicorns and shipped across the universe on an Earthbound spaceship. On top of the silly art, storytelling and Photoshopped images, there’s also a few sneaky easter eggs and quirks inside the Dirty Toad brand experience. These can be found in the packaging, emails and right through to the products themselves. The idea is nothing new, it's not ground-breaking and it's not going to change the world. But if it can generate some hearty LOLs and some fans than I’m happy.

Tags: #ecommercefunnyfashiont-shirtsteesarthumordirtytoadpunscreativemugs

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