Submitted: Tuesday, 02 September 2014

TakeItApart.com is the place for the world to share photo-driven disassembly guides. It is a place to see how to take apart everyday things, and to find things to do once inside. It is a child's question; curiosity without "Stop." A broken washing machine, a grandfather's watch, an old model train. The latest gadget. In disassembly there is commonality with the crypt robber, the historian, the plumber. Each screw turn and careful pry exposes the artistry of engineering, and the beauty of design. By taking things apart we can see how they work, and find ways to repair. We can learn. A disassembly guide on TakeItApart includes step-by-step photographs of the disassembly process, along with text descriptions. Rich hover-over image annotations show users troublesome screws, microchip part numbers, and detailed locations. Users can carefully search for specific guides, or casually browse. For those with the urge to get out their screwdriver, it is a new community. Creative users can author their own disassembly guides by uploading photos, videos, descriptions, and annotations. TakeItApart is a Django app built to scale. It features numerous buzzwords including celery, AWS, and memcached.

Tags: #electronics #education #diy #howto #photo

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