Submitted: Saturday, 09 July 2016

CleverControl system is a great multi-functional tool providing business owners with opportunity to monitor their staff members without extra costs and hastle. CleverControl Agent is capable of tracking every bit of your employees’ activity on their computers. That includes such basics like apps running on a PC, recording of all keystrokes, taking screenshots of every active window, and displaying duration of user’s activity time. Plus, the program has some additional and very useful functions like tracking removable drives and printer tasks and even taking recordings from PC’s web-camera and microphone. But more importantly CleverControl Agent features full monitoring of internet usage in the workplace. The program monitors all online activity of employees: chats (including Skype and more than 20 other popular Internet messengers), most popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), search engines activity. And, of course, CleverControl records all web pages visited by your staff with addition of actually being able to block any of them. So whatever site you do not want your employees to enter during work time the program will not allow to access. This way you will be able to prevent slacking and accidental (or intentional) corporate information leaking. And all of the features, settings, and recorded data will be available to you remotely through your personal secured account which can be accessed in any web browser on any device. There you will also get access to Live Panel and see what all your employees are doing on their PCs in live mode. Thus, CleverControl system not only allows you to remotely monitor your employees but to control their productivity and even ensure loyalty.

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