Submitted: Saturday, 02 July 2016

Nearpeer allows you to chat with your nearby peers(friends) while offline or without internet. Its is completely free and doesn't depend on any network connectivity. Near peer lets you message your friends and family without any internet restriction from both sides. Amazing Features 1. User can chat very quickly no delay of messages. 2. User can send files of any type to another user at very fast speed. 2. User can send drawing. Who we are? We are team of entrepreneurs currently studying in IIIT DELHI aiming to build a better and useful product for the society. Our aim is to provide a better and independent means of communication Why are we doing this? We are seeing a great need of app like this as today at most of the public gathering places don’t have internet connection even at many places people wants to communicate with their near peers but due to shyness and lack of technology they can’t even say hi to them. Most of the chat application are not secure so here we come with most amazing product Nearpeer, by this app we are trying to facilitate that group of people at those places. Also we are trying to make chating and file sharing in fast speed with independent of network access.

Tags: #social #chat #offlinechat #strangerchat #nearpeer #filesharing.

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