Submitted: Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Windcloud GmbH is a startup from Germany's Nordfriesland district, located far north close to the Danish border. Inspired by the region's large concentration of wind turbines for energy generation, Windcloud's founders have developed comprehensive data center solutions that are powered with 100% renewable local energy coupled with a hybrid storage system to ensure a redundant power supply. Windcloud's products include web space, virtual and dedicated servers, OpenStack cloud solutions, as well as co-location. Sustainable We use 100% local produced and stored renewable energy. We are able to power our servers with Wind, Solar and Biogas. Secure We believe in data security we offer a variety of encryption options for your data. We will develop the highest standard against intrusion, malware, and any other form of data mal handling. We guarantee to comply to all SafeHarbour regulations. Superior Value for money Buying the energy direclty from the Wind Park gives us a huge cost advantage, we are more than happy forward these advantages to our customer, whether it is for your own servers in Co-Location or our server products.

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