Zippy Shell

Submitted: Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Zippy Shell began in Australia in 2007 by founder Gareth Taylor and Adam Gilchrist. Zippy Shell was one of Australia's first mobile storage businesses to operate in the country. It operated for two years, building a customer base of over 500 customers before being sold as a ‘Master Franchise’ to Grace Removals Group, one of Asia’s largest moving companies. In 2010 Zippy Shell USA, LLC launched in the United States. The previous success of the company in Australia was a clear indicator that the business model would work in the United States. The service remains competitive with the simple formula - give the convenience of portable storage at the cost of traditional. Zippy Shell USA, LLC became incorporated as of June 2015 and now is formally identified as Zippy Shell Incorporated.

Tags: #moving #storage

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