Submitted: Saturday, 28 May 2016

TennisKeeper is a new iOS app for tennis players to track their tennis activities and to make every tennis day memorable. Keeping track of match facts helps you stay focused and is a great way to understand your progress. If you are playing tennis as a workout to lose weight, TennisKeeper keeps track of your calories burned and help you reach your goal. Features: • Track scores for singles and doubles matches. • Track your match performance such as aces and double faults. • Track your tennis practices and lessons. • Track your cross training activities such as fitness, running, biking, yoga. • Easy to use templates for entering your opponents games style, tennis clubs, tournaments, court surfaces and many more. • Get daily activities time spent and calorie count. • Get week, month, year total and average time spent and calorie burned. • Get Head to Head Statistics against any opponents. • Get match stats for any week. • Get win, loss stats by matches, sets and games. • Shares your match scores, tennis notes, players profiles with friends or on social network. • Instant access to ITF tennis rules and NTRP tennis ratings. • Data is stored securely in iCloud and accessible from any iOS device. • No additional account creation or password needed.

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