Submitted: Thursday, 26 May 2016

Experience Show up to your adventure at the specified time and location. Every adventure in Yazda has a location and a start time. Celebrate What would an epic adventure be without a celebration at the end? Enjoy post ride and hike revelries with your new friends. The Yazda app connects you with other outdoor enthusiasts. So instead of individually contacting your hiking and mountain biking friends about hitting the trails, Yazda allows you to easily invite them (and get invited) to local adventures. Just launch Yazda on your phone, and your adventure feed will show a list of hikes and rides in your area. If you’d like to create a new adventure, simply plug in an adventure name, location, time, and whether it’s hiking or biking. You can then post this for everyone in your area to see, or you can make it a private event and select who you’d like to invite. With the Yazda app, you will have the best tool for meeting new people while exploring local trails.

Tags: #events #social #mobile #mountainbiking #hiking

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