Serkit Messenger with private Chat Lock

Submitted: Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Everyone has certain chat conversations that need to be kept private, be it a teenager, a college student or a parent. Not every message needs to be read by everyone. For example, a teenager may not want her friend to see messages from her boyfriend while watching a video together on her smartphone. Or for that matter, it could be a major embarrassment if a parent read one of such messages unintentionally. Serkit Messenger provides users a flexible yet powerful solution to protect their chat conversations SELECTIVELY. Users can toggle a chat conversation between unprotected & protected state via a single tap. These protection settings are seamlessly synced to all the devices (tablets & phones ) leading to seamless & convenient experience. Serkit Messenger lets users: - Send text, photo, video, audio, file (powerpoint, PDF, word Excel etc), contact, location - Protect/Unprotect individual chat with a single tap - Like any message by single click - Recall or Edit any sent message - Selfie mode for sending quick & convenient photo Android and iOS links are below: Android: iOS:

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