Submitted: Tuesday, 03 May 2016

At Bubblehunt, we are working on new vision of web search. Every day we find out about new sites, services, applications, and other things, let's share them to make search better. Our idea is very simple. What if the search results would be offered to you by another user, not the search engine?! E.g. if you enter "design" you will see users who have already found useful resources for that request. It means that these people have created own search bubble with results for a request investing their expertize. Imagine if Bill Gates prompts you the search, where best resources on the computer science are manually collected by him? It's incredibly convenient. And the interesting part is that each of us can do that. Bubblehunt is in alpha version yet and we are working hard to make it better, stay in touch.

Tags: #search #engine #curated #web

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