Submitted: Sunday, 17 April 2016

As per Gartner, global IT services market reaches $929 billion in 2016. More than 60% of outsourced projects end up with one or other way of conflict. A reliable technology partner is very significant for the success of any digital product. When it comes to development of serious projects or start-up applications, hiring freelancers is not a good option; because it’s hard to manage multiple skills and they lacks professional quality. The company “Extract.co” has come up with a service that will make it easier for businesses/start-ups to find the leading software development companies and digital agencies. As the name says, they extract trustable and best performing development companies. Extract collects information about a company’s products, projects they have built including average cost and timeframe of development, client feedback and their reputation..etc. By combining all these data, they rank companies based on each service, industry and technical skill. Resulting to show a combined metrics of trustworthy, quality and technical level of a company. Since data from successful projects are the most weighed metric in the set, Extract exactly work in the theory of “know their customers to know the business”. Example rank list of web development companies: https://extract.co/top-web-development-companies A detailed report about every company is published which help to compare between different companies. We can easily get answers for the most prominent questions like • What services perform best with a company, or which industry company is more focused at? • Technical proficiency of a company based on past projects. • Where majority of clients are from? • Client Feedbacks and their rating towards quality, skill and deadline of projects. • A rough idea about project budgets, timeline and team size for executing their projects. Today’s world of business, online reputation has become a vital part of any organization’s marketing and advertising efforts. Most companies search on google for customer reviews before they award a project to an individual company. Publishing how many happy clients a company have and showcasing their skills, particularly if the data is certified by a third party like Extract, this should have true significance than publishing testimonials in their own sites. What an IT company will get from this listing is what they value most for their business, Leads & Reputation! Extract’s effort to recognise prominent IT Companies is continuing, and the firm encourages companies to participate in their group.

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