Submitted: Tuesday, 05 April 2016

Mento is a SaaS product that helps busy sellers integrate their online stores and Social Networking to promote new products, promotions and other events to their customers, while making it easy for those customers to promote those same events to their social circles. Social Media allows you to promote your new stock and best deals to people who have opted in to getting updated information, and their approval and sharing behavior promotes your products to their friends and family which they think might like them. Mento aims to take the hard work out and automate posting your content and products to multiple social networks. If someone has liked you on Facebook or followed you on Twitter they’ve opted in to see your announcements (and what they don’t like they may know a friend who does) giving you a much enhanced reach. By tying the two together, you can pre-write and check your promotional material to avoid last minute rushes and mistakes. You can schedule it by time, or tie it to activities on your web store. Mento currently supports eBay, Amazon, Magento, Bigcommerce and Shopify. You can schedule posts to be sent to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and Vk. Mento is offering a free 14 day trial at the Pro subscription level, and also features team working, mobile apps and a Chrome extension to help you get the most from it, wherever you might be!

Tags: #SocialMediaSchedulngToolProductPromotionOnlineSellers

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