Submitted: Thursday, 24 March 2016

QuicTrade is the best way to sell things you don't need to people around you. We have built an iphone app to help people sell stuff. It takes seconds to sell: Take a picture with your phone, put in a short description, set a price and that's it. We have built an extremely safe, cashless and easy way of trading with people around you. We have: Smooth Payments - You pay through the app, using a debit/credit card (powered by stripe) for a seamless transactional experience. Frictionless Seller Payout - Sellers have money deposited directly to their bank accounts, all you have to do is load a debit card on your profile. Safe Communications - Use the in-app messaging system to chat with the seller once you've bought something to figure out the logistics. Unique Confirmations - A purchase is confirmed through our bar code scanning system. When the buyer and seller meet, both press confirm on their phone. This brings up a bar code on the buyers phone and turns the sellers phone into a scanner. Money is only transferred to the seller once this confirmation takes place. Happy Trading!

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