Talk About Jack

Submitted: Friday, 11 March 2016

Live Community engagement of customers, lunch break organisation at your company, teachers extending the classroom discussion online, local sports groups getting rid of Email lists, bachelor party networks as well as networks to bring the visitors of events or fairs together are the first of many cases which popped up when we launched Talk About Jack two weeks ago. And there is a lot more to come: Features are added daily and will include notifications as well as a central platform which displays all public networks. Down the road we’ll come with a mobile app as well. Furthermore there will be a site integrated version to use for Live Community at any website. This will enable live discussions on any website which basically means you can turn websites into glowing social networks.

Tags: #socialmicrosocialnetworkscommunitycommunityengagementcommunitydevelopmentsocialnetworkprivatesocialnetworkcustomercommunityselfservicecustomershelpcustomers

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