Submitted: Wednesday, 09 March 2016

Guys, here’s the problem: most of us hate shopping for new clothes. Going to the mall sucks, trying on clothes sucks, ordering clothes online and having them not fit sucks. It’s a terrible experience. Paralysis of choice and wide variation of fit/size across brands make the process unbearable. ThreadLab is different. We developed algorithms and a proprietary data model to take the pain out of shopping. Just tell ThreadLab a few things about yourself including style preferences and body measurements, and we’ll ship perfectly fitting clothes from top brands you know, right to your door. Painless. With 20,000 users, over 2,000 paying customers, and a long list of clothing brands from Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger to Puma, Burton, and Element already signed up, ThreadLab has started the men’s clothing shopping revolution. Join the future and sign up to get new clothes without ever having to “shop” again.

Tags: #clothing #convenience #affordability #machinelearning #tech #startup #shoppingsucks #dontshop #

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