Primus Peak Consulting

Submitted: Tuesday, 08 March 2016

Primus Peak Consulting was founded in 2013 to help growth-oriented businesses & start-ups effectively identify their strengths, unlock their potential and market their products and/or services strategically. Being located in the United States and Europe, we are able to serve our clients globally within various industries, ranging from Information Technology, Intellectual Property, Art, Music & Entertainment, US Immigration & Corporate Law, Aerospace, Export-Import, Food & Beverage industry etc. As consultants, we support our client's domestic and international expansion through creative content generation, digital marketing & public relations, country and industry-focused market studies, strategic partnerships, fundraising campaigns as well as support in administrative streamlining. Our key value resides in leveraging multi-cultural backgrounds, languages and experiences to best advise our clients when seeking to trade with or establish their business in foreign and sophisticated markets, may it be in Asia or in the Middle East, to name a few. Our ultimate objective is to deliver our clients with tailored and comprehensive business development strategies, allowing them to focus on the core activities essential to the success of their own endeavors. Your success is ours, and we will accompany you all the way.

Tags: #consulting #businessdevelopment #strategicpartnerships

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