Submitted: Tuesday, 09 February 2016

Picturatr is the only authentic popularity calculator on the internet. It uses a complex algorithm to derive a popularity score using numerous data points from the user's Instagram profile. This ensures that the popularity score is accurate. By using Picturatr, you can finally find out how popular you and your friends truly are. No more looking at the number of followers you have, because everyone knows followers are not everything. They can be bought or may even be inactive. Picturatr has three profile standards. They are GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE. GOLD accounts are the most popular accounts, followed by SILVER accounts which are quite popular and lastly BRONZE accounts which are not very popular. It is highly possible to rise from a lower standard to a higher one, or drop from a higher one to a lower one.

Tags: #socialinstagrampopularfollowersscore

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