Submitted: Saturday, 23 January 2016

SocialPilot is an online tool to schedule posts across multiple social media platform. It was designed and developed for eCommerce store owner to make product promotion easy, effectively and efficiently. SocialPilot increases the efficiency of eCommerce store owner by eliminating tedious and repetitive works of social media sharing so they can more focus on their core business. 1) It makes product promotion easy by providing integration of various social media platform like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter etc at one place. So Post once created, can be easily shared across multiple social media platform several times a week. 2) It also increases efficiency by connecting your online store with SocialPilot with just a few clicks. Once the connection has been established, we present all of their products so they do not have to manually copy/paste the product content. 3) It makes scheduling very easy and smart so you can automate product promotion for a whole week or month in a just matter of 30 minutes. 4) SocialPilot understands that content writing and sharing is not your core business so it generates articulate content to share and tweet with proper keywords and hashtags.

Tags: #SocialMedia #ShedulingTool #ProductPromotion

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