Submitted: Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Sup app helps you see your friends more. Sup app is a free mobile app that makes chance encounters and serendipitous moments with friends happen more often without the creep factor as we don’t use maps. Get notified when friends are around you. We’ve all been there when we check our social feeds and see that a friend we haven’t seen in ages was just round the corner; attending the same festival or event. Before you kick yourself for missing out on the chance to see them well with Sup app you can see your friends more. Sup app lets you see your friends more with notifications when friends are nearby. Interact and stay in touch with friends. Send a Sup to a friend to see if they’re free and want to meet up. It can turn a dull day into a good old catch up.

Tags: #socialmedia #startup #networking #iphone

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