Submitted: Wednesday, 20 January 2016

TimelyPick displays every 4 hours, 20 curated most popular posts from around the web, organized by topic. The popular picks are shown by a title, short description and image from the source page. Only 20 of the most shared picks are shown on every topic, so visitors will not be overwhelmed with the amount of information found on the web Only on Timelypick curated popular content is displayed via gamification elements. An aspect unique to TimelyPick: 1) play solitaire online for free while watching the most popular news on the cards faces. (Timelypick has a patent pending). 2) Playing guessing games / quizzes. Each topic has its own 4-hour vote cycle. During these 4 hours the users vote on 3 picks, which they think, will be the most voted ones. By voting on picks the visitors play a guessing game, and only after voting for the third pick, a voter can find how close his votes are with the current results. At the end of the voting cycle, the “Best voter” is announced.

Tags: #MostPopular #gamification #OnlineSolitaireGameContentCuration

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