Submitted: Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Chatpages is a mobile business directory for SME's (small & medium sized enterprises) with real-time CHAT functionality, digital coupon management system for business owners, GPS navigation and visitor statistics. The basic business listing is free, with optional paid plans also available that offer more features and functionality. Chatpages' mission is to help small business grow, making it easier for them to market their products and services to an ever growing mobile consumer base, and at the same time facilitate the communication channel through a more affordable chat messaging option. The Chatpages mobile app is currently available on Android only. In the near future we will also launch Web portal and iPhone versions. Herewith a summary of the features: - Businesses can list their own company, viewable by anybody with the Chatpages app on their android smartphone (soon also on the web) - Consumers can Chat to the business owner or representative in real-time. More convenient and affordable than a voice call and with better privacy - Location Map with Navigation. Customers can navigate directly to the business premises - Business owners can issue discount digital vouchers and users can redeem them at the store. Business owner has full control of the management process and also has access to the analytical data (i.e. coupons saved, redeemed, etc) - Business owners can add all their contact information, including product/service photos, pricing, video links and opening hours. In essence creating their own mobile mini-website - App users can search for companies nearby, or globally, by typing company name, category name or keywords of interest related to the company - Mobile Directories can opt in to receive special and discounted products based on their interests

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