High-tech video glasses – what a view!

Submitted: Saturday, 12 December 2015

We live without any doubt in the era of technology. New discoveries are being made by the minute and there seems to be no limit to how many gadgets appear on the market. Society is interested in super-cool gizmos, especially when it comes to those that are new and based on major advances. We are talking about video glasses are the latest hip thing out there. Easy to find online, they have so many great features that it’s impossible to decide what you like most about them. Several decades ago we would have regarded video glasses like something taken out of the movies. Today, we are convinced of the technology and we are already looking forward to any upgrades. Video glasses come with 80 inch of virtual display, allowing one to enjoy superior resolution for movies, games and many other computer-related activities. Virtual reality has been brought one step closer to us with these video glasses; now, we can browse our favorite photos, listen to the music we like or read e-books with a cute pair of glasses. Having a stylish yet functional design, virtual glasses impress with their each and every feature. They are comfortable and lightweight, offering auto-slide picture viewing. These glasses can be used by those who are new to technology but also by tech geeks. They have a backlit control to be used in darkness, stereo headsets for superior audio quality and hi-fi sound, plus a memory card slot ready to adapt your mini SD card. If you are prepared to embrace the technology offered by virtual glasses, then you should definitely go online and read more about them. Find out about the type of battery included (LI-polymer), USB interface, screen resolution and viewing angle (about 35 degrees). The virtual glasses presented online have an impressive contract ration (200:01), resisting to both high and dangerously low temperatures and they also come with diverse EQ modes, including rock and classic. The multilanguage support is a definite plus, the glasses being used by people from various parts of the world and speaking different languages. They have several playback modes such as normal and shuffle, accepting txt file ebooks, mp3 (audio) and mp4, mpg and avi (video). Accessories for these products include high tech earphones, installation CD, user manual for a better understanding, charger, batteries, USB cable and even remote control. It’s all about advanced technological developments from one end to the other. Talking about such innovation in the field of technology it makes wonder about many things. What kind of future should we expect? Is now the proper time to believe the S.F movies made by so many famous directors? Well, if you also happen to read about laptop video glasses, you will probably give them a lot of credit. They are the future of technology brought into the present. The same 80 inch virtual screen is offered to those who have a passion for widgets, these video glasses being recommended for laptop and notebook usage. The laptop video glasses are easily to connect to your portable computer through the various devices you are offered, including VGA cable or AV jack. Why settle for a 22 inch monitor when you can enjoy the same music, movies or programs on a virtual 80 inch incredible display? You can choose to watch movies directly from your iPod player or any type of player for that matter (DVD car player). Many people also choose laptop video glasses to enjoy an amazing gaming experience on their PS2 or Xbox console. The same incredible technology is also reserved for those with a genuine passion for television programs. Just imagine how many things you can do with laptop video glasses! Just like other types of video glasses, these innovative devices are easy and comfortable to wear. They do not hurt your eyes and offer the greatest possible experience thanks to the 3D technology. You do not have to worry about the operation system as they adapt to any and you will certainly enjoy the opportunity to alternate in between various video systems. Other features include high-quality lithium batteries, sleek design, reduced consumptions and volume that can be easily adjusted. Use the web to see photos of these ingenious devices, with 80’’ display and VGA video input. Prepare yourself! Resource box: A new generation of gadgets is presented through our website. We include ( http://www.gusdeluxe.info/Catalog/electronic-video-sunglasses-c-28_46.html ) video glasses, with beautiful viewing and comfortable wearing. Be sure to pay us a visit, discovering our entire range of products, including the groundbreaking ( http://www.gusdeluxe.info/Catalog/video-glasses-80-evg920d-p-206.html ) laptop video glasses!

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