Submitted: Friday, 11 December 2015

We did a Reklalama service, which allows any user quickly and absolutely free of charge to calculate the effective media plan for the business, easy to get the offered ads, and to monitor the advertising placement. We collected and published huge base of advertising proposals of our partners of advertising distributors on our website. We found out the efficiency of these offers, the degree of influence on various target audience and we offer the client only actual and effective ads. Quickly, simply and in one click. Reklalama is the b2b tool dedicated to online listing and booking of ad spaces. We’re building an easier way for SMB to advertise their product. The idea is simple: to combine any kinds of ad spaces on one platform and connect owners to buyer. It’s a sort of or airbnb for the advertising market! Where sellers can list their ad space and buyers can book that space easily! Any person, with no idea about advertising business, being anywhere he is, can easily choose his own ad space for his target audience and budget.

Tags: #advertising #localadvertising #B2B #OOH #marketplace

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