Submitted: Monday, 30 November 2015

Patients bid on medical, dental, and cosmetic procedures and ZendyHealth matches them with pre-screened, board certified providers in their network. It's an incredibly effective solution to healthcare payment issues in that it allows patients with high deductible plans to pay up front in cash and save 20-80% on retail prices without sacrificing quality of care. Providers benefit just as much as patients with improved efficiency, increased business from local cash-paying patients, not having to deal with insurance, and filling open appointment slots/cancellations. Because ZendyHealth providers can review patient offers anonymously and decide whether or not to accept them, their brand reputation and retail pricing will not be compromised. ZendyHealth was launched in April 2015 by board certified surgeon Dr. Vish Banthia and his medical advisory team. The startup currently has over 10,000 users and is a member of Batch 14 from 500 Startups.

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