Go Fucking Do It

Submitted: Wednesday, 02 July 2014

Money is one of the greatest incentives around. And the only greater incentive than earning money is losing it. GoFuckingDoIt.com pushes this concept to the extreme. It makes people achieve their goals by charging them if they don't. In less than a month, 627 people have pledged a total of $45,729 to achieve their goals. People have set goals from quitting smoking to running a marathon to asking out the girl they've been in love with but didn't dare to. People set a goal, deadline, price and a supervisor to check if they've actually achieved their goal. When the deadline is reached and the supervisor states they haven't, their card is charged with an amount they can set from $5 up to $1,000. The money goes to GoFuckingDoIt itself. If it'd go to a friend or a charity, it would actually decrease people's incentive to achieving their goals. Studies show that financial incentives to reach goals such as losing weight makes people more effective at achieving them (Source: https://j.mp/1tKMXRK). And with only 8% of people achieving their new year's resolutions, it can help those too. (Source: https://j.mp/1itXrvv)

Tags: #productivity #goals #procrastination

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