Submitted: Saturday, 07 November 2015

XPrep is an online platform where anyone preparing for an exam can come to hone their weak topics or sharpen the stronger ones. Xprep stands for express preparation which essentially means that any entrance exam aspirant learns with a much focused approach on specific topics rather than the entire subject or the course material. The platform has subject matter experts who prepare the right content suitable for preparation and have credible teachers who have cracked the exam to teach those topics to these learners. The focus of our platform is one to one learning from experts with the right content as the supplement. Xprep offers you the following advantages: Be taught and mentored by experts who have cracked those exams most recently. Choose from a variety of teachers who are experts on specific topics not the entire subject. No monthly or yearly commitment on learning you study a topic and move to the next topic. Facetime with experts at the convenience of your home. Get virtual classroom experience with your friends to discuss topics. Get to know the best preparation material used by toppers who have aced these exams.

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