Chipper Productions

Submitted: Saturday, 24 October 2015

Chipper Productions is born from 3 Journalism Graduate students and one student who have been taught the ways of Journalism, what works, what doesn't and the psychology of the reader. Stemming from Broadcast Journalism, Music Journalism, Sports Journalism and Newspaper Journalism, our combined skillsets have come together to create a fantastic new venture that aims to shake the world of Journalism and bring it to its knees. We were taught that bad news is good news when it comes to driving content to the masses. Whilst that maybe true, we think that good news is great news and deserves to balance out the negative news we see today. Cash strapped, but innovative, we created ChipperTimes, our first creation towards the Chipper brand, to deliver quality news articles with an entirely unique writing style called "Chipperism" where we aim to inform as well as make you feel happy through our writing. Our plans are to focus on each individual medium of media and build a strong and reputable brand that people can rely on. Our next ventures will go into podcasts, video and anything else we can think of but we aim to be known throughout the world as the go to for happy news and content. Believe in us as we start a revolution against Journalism. We will not disappoint.

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