Fleck Parking

Submitted: Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Fleck is an exciting new parking application. Fleck is a smarter and greener way of looking at parking. This new app created a win-win situation for drivers and homeowners while helping the environment. Statistically, 30% of city traffic is due to drivers looking for parking. Fleck can help reduce that traffic. Drivers no longer need to waste their time and effort looking for a place to park their car, now they can have a guaranteed space waiting for them even before they leave their home. Space owners, on the other hand, can now rent out their spaces when they are not being used; this wasted space can now bring extra income. By providing a platform for drivers and space owners to connect, Fleck Parking is eliminating the age old nuisance of parking. By creating a place where people can rent out their privately owned parking spaces, Fleck is providing its members with parking spaces that would otherwise be unavailable to the public. What this means for drivers is there will be many more parking spaces, in popular areas, that would have previously been unusable. By creating a win-win relationship between driver and space owner, Fleck is positively solving the parking issue that people have been putting up with for too long.

Tags: #parking #transportation #traffic

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