Good Foods Reviews

Submitted: Friday, 09 October 2015

The first reviews engine for products that works directly from grocery stores while you are shopping. GoodFoods offers the latest information on healthy eating options and to provide recommendations and reviews that inform your personal choices. As a member of the GoodFoods community, you can browse the site, check out reviews, and leave your own comments on products you’ve tried. The feedback you provide will help inform others, giving everyone the resources they need to make quality choices. GoodFoods app uses a scanner to translate barcodes into universal product codes, also called UPC, which are used to match against its internal database and to show reviews right in stores. GoodFoods already has a database with more than 50.000 products and the team intends to increase the database considerably. The app is unique because it's designed to encourage users to leave reviews for grocery products they have scanned.

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