Submitted: Monday, 05 October 2015

Whether you'd like to meet new people in your area, want more friends, or are looking for things to do, Jetivity makes it easy. Jetivity allows users to organize and attend events, such as pick-up games, yoga sessions, or bar crawls, with the goal of meeting new people at the activity. Since everyone at an event will have at least one thing in common - they all enjoy the activity they're there to do - it's much easier to form new friendships. The website is designed to help users through the process of organizing an event by providing event outlines and allowing users to collaborate on the planning of events. Jetivity is unique in the social media realm in that personal information is not required to use the service: only an email address, display name, and password are necessary. In addition, Jetivity is completely free to use.

Tags: #meetpeople #newfriends #thingstodo #social #socialmedia

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