Ambition Tracker

Submitted: Saturday, 04 July 2015

Ambition Tracker ( is a web based social networking application where everyone can work on their ambitions on any field, by new learnings everyday, completing tasks, asking questions, answering, attending quizzes. By summarizing, Ambition tracker, one place all you need to work on your ambition. Features : Learnings : By Loggin into ambition trackers, the users can view/share their learnings related to their ambition on any fields, can learn a new trick, technique, a concept everyday. Practice Room : By Loggin into ambition tracker, Ambition tracker have a section called practice room where the user can practice on their ambition by attending tasks, quizzes everyday. Q& A: Here, the user can clear their doubts with fellow aspirants and answer questions to help others too. Fun Zone & Friendship: Here, the users can follow their hobbies such as Music, Sports, Movies and Travel. Activities & Events : By Loggin into ambition tracker, the users can get to know the event/activities happening related to their field withing their city. Points System: All the above features are linked with points system. The users can gain more points when they work on all these features. Leads to have more fun while working on their ambition.

Tags: #ambition #learnings #questionandanswers #practice #quizzes #helppoor #funzone #activities #events #friendship.

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