Submitted: Friday, 03 April 2015

Learnyst helps educators build their branded online school and sell courses. Using Learnyst educators are generating 30X revenue over investment. With your branded online school you can sell courses and your students can access your courses or assessments anytime anywhere. Upon signup (http://learnyst.com/signup), you are entitled for Free 30 day trial where you can explore all our features and even start selling courses. You can upload your course content in the form of videos (.mp4 format), PDFs, PPTs and assessments. Learnyst provides following benefits to educators: 1. Do-It-Yourself website builder for creating & customizing your beautiful school front 2. Provide marketing support like SEO optimization & email marketing tools 3. Admin interface to upload courses, create assessments, package courses & set course prices 4. Technically advanced adaptive video streaming (for smooth video streaming in low internet speed) & content hosting service 5. You get to keep 100% of course revenue without worrying about technology maintenance & hosting -http://learnyst.com/pricing 6. LMS interface with Course Builder, Test Builder, Student Manager and analytics tools 7. Integrated Payment gateway solution 8. Content encryption service to prevent piracy 9. Student authentication and learning interface 10. Link online school to your branded domain (Your existing website)

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