Submitted: Wednesday, 11 March 2015

RentSher is an online marketplace where people owning personal items can rent it to others for a specific period of time. Spur of the moment buys, gifts, consumerism and changing interests make us pile up a number of products in our house that we rarely use. (Think of that expensive camera lense you bought for your son’s first birthday and never used since?). But will still are too attached to these product to sell them on OLX. At the same time, we do keep needing more items like this every now and then. (Did you need a Halloween costume today that you will never ever use again?). So the simple solution is to renting out our personal belongings to others and at the same time, rent the products we need occasionally. There are two big issues in this. One is how to find who has the stuff that you need but they don’t, and second, even if you find them, how can you trust each other?  RentSher platform takes away the risk associated with it and provide end to end online experience by:  Taking care of delivery from owner to renter and collect back  Online Payment (Deposit, rent)  Forming your own sharing groups (like apartments)  Lastly, RentSher plays the role of guarantor between owner and renter (similar to eBay) Rentsher has a number of products on rent online like toys, costumes on rent, electronics on rent, tools, event rentals and more.

Tags: #onlinerental #rentshare #rentsher

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