Submitted: Saturday, 21 February 2015

A one-stop service targeting customer vision, image and value, RockON prides itself in providing an economic value to individuals and enterprises, by creating new markets for personal branding and for human capital. We provide the tools, advice and opportunity for users to build their personal brand. We also create the opportunities to exploit this brand to its fullest and turn our users’ Human Capital into its maximum economic potential. RockON validates the credibility and authenticity of individuals and their recommendations and endorsements, as well as for an enterprise in its entirety. It is a self-service platform, offering career transition activities with the blend of a social atmosphere, as easy as with the click of a button. It is a mainstream network, creating scalable opportunities through progressing Internet and mobile into the future. RockON promises to be a complete career transition tool and a tracking system, identifying, connecting, interviewing and hiring a competent brand – YOU!

Tags: #personalbranding #socialmedia #career

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