Submitted: Sunday, 08 February 2015

Seomator is a tool designed by SEO/SEM professionals for SEO/SEM professionals. But at the same time it is amazing for SEO newbies as well. You can easily keep an eye on your backlinks, SERP data, keywords, search volumes, AdWords ad and positions of your competitors. Also, we do special microdata reports, social reports and so much more. All data is customized and accurate, provided with what-to-do tips. It’s one of the easy-to-use products, what you will like and want to use daily to monitor your web projects. Seomator analyzes site by more than 150 different SEO-parameters, finds errors affecting the traffic from the search engines and gives recommendations for correcting errors and improving the site. You can fix bugs and improve the site in accordance with our recommendations. As a result, your site is raised in search results, traffic and conversion are increased.

Tags: #seo

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