Submitted: Thursday, 05 February 2015

We are a global marketplace that connects local hosts selling innovative activity and adventure holidays to people from all over the world. The activity and adventure holidays market is fast growing, innovative and exciting. The market is highly fragmented making it extremely difficult for travellers to find, book and pay for these kind of holidays in the way they want to. We believe that the current distribution channels for local hosts are inefficient, stale and restrictive. We are disrupting these traditional channels by providing local hosts with an advanced platform to gain access to more guests and to build a brand on a worldwide basis. We started Vidados because we love activity and adventure. We wanted to help local hosts gain global visibility and for more people to experience the pure joy of the un-package holiday. Unlike other marketplaces, we handpick the host sellers featured or approve them after receiving an online application. We help our local, independent hosts stand out from the mass market tour operators and DMC’s out there and compete against them. We spend time making sure our host sellers know how best to represent their holidays and trips online. We want to be part of their success and we want them to be part of Vidados.

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