Submitted: Friday, 23 January 2015

WndwShop is an online classifieds website that allows anyone to network and find social groups, jobs, volunteer and intern opportunities, apartments, roommates, freelance temporary or permanent work, and buy or sell goods and services. The key to WndwShop is that we let buyers, sellers, advertisers, volunteers, landlords, potential renters or homeowners, and employers see who they are dealing with before they choose to contact each other by using social networking. You can “screen” them before even contacting them. We want to improve the online classifieds experience and make it safer. We hope to eliminate spam and scams that other sites experience because our users have to sign in with their social media account or create a new one before they can contact or post ads. Signing in with your social media account will eliminate the need to wave your hand around and wonder if everyone that passes you is the person you are meeting with. The member rating system will promote or prevent dealing with certain members. The best part about WndwShop is that it’s FREE!

Tags: #social #advertising #classifieds #safer

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