TallyUp For Costco

Submitted: Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Some of us Costco shoppers are addicted. Fanatical. A little cuckoo even. Quite simply we love shopping at Costco and there are many reasons as to why. But we wanted to make the Costco shopping experience even better. TallyUp for Costco is a social shopping community. The products, prices and other information are entered by TallyUp members. With TallyUp you can: 1) Track your purchases with the virtual shopping cart. No more sticker shock when you get to the cash register and see how much money you just spent. 2) Share and discover new products with the TallyUp community. Don't miss out on new treasures! 3) Receive stock and sale notifications on your favorite Costco products. If a product you want is out of stock and you need it, like right now, check other Costco locations near you to see if they have it in stock. How neat is that!

Tags: #costcopricesalesshoppingfreeiphoneloveblackfriday

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