PWUL - Pay What You Like

Submitted: Tuesday, 25 November 2014

ABOUT PWUL Want it. Track it. Get it for less. PWUL is your personal shopper, budgeter and sales spy all rolled into one. Here are just a few reasons it’s the smartest way to shop. Ever bought something full price, only to find it marked down later? Forget your fear of missing out. PWUL can track anything you ask it to, so you only buy when the price drops. Ever played cat and mouse with the sales? We’ll be your eyes and ears on every single online retailer, alerting you the instant any item you’re after goes into a sale. Ever been bamboozled into bad impulse buys? Shops use tried and tested tricks to get you to buy stock they can’t shift –seasonal tat, odd sizes, you name it. But with PWUL you can stick to your wish list, spend wisely and steer clear of clutter. Ever needed help sticking to a budget? PWUL lets you set a target price for an item. So if your object of desire is reduced but not enough, you needn’t buy until it’s in budget.

Tags: #shoppingdiscountsavingssalebudgetingmoneysavingwishlist

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