Submitted: Monday, 24 November 2014

bSTOKED envisions to become a leading online marketplace specialised in sports activities with a strong “way of life” component such as kitesurfing, scuba diving, sailing, mountain-biking, climbing, freeskiing and others. By gathering crowdsourced and curated offers for accommodations, tours, courses, sports equipment and car rentals, flights and other related services, the platform helps users to find and book exceptional sports and travel experiences around the globe. The central search and booking engine will match listed offers, flights, user ratings as well as independent databases about sports conditions (e.g. wind, wave, snow) to search criteria (e.g. destination, date). The user will thus avoid the daunting task to cross check all these information in order to plan and book his independent sports trip.

Tags: #kitesurf #surf #marketplace #sportsstravel #windsurf #dive #snowboard

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