Submitted: Friday, 24 October 2014

EventScore was created to help event organizers maximize exposure and attendance. Utilizing years of experience in event sales, marketing, and promotion, our team discovered one of the most underused resources was event listing websites. These websites have millions of visitors per month looking for events in their area to attend, but making sure your event is listed on all of these is time consuming and difficult to keep track of. We’ll search over 450+ event listing, mobile, and social sites to give you an EventScore. You’ll receive a custom promotion report telling you where your event is found and needs to be found. We’ll give you the roadmap and offer a solution to get your event in front of more people. The more places your event can be found online, the more people find your event and attend. Throw us in your event marketing toolbox today!

Tags: #eventprofs #eventtech #eventmarketing

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