Submitted: Thursday, 16 October 2014 Are you tired of not anonymous social platforms? Scoopr is a fully anonymous social platform, an opportunity for you to show your true self. You can finally remove the burden of being socially correct and enjoy sharing your true stories, secrets and every detail of your life. On Scoopr you can be yourself, you no longer need to be a person you should be in other people’s eyes. • Say what you want to say, just be yourself. • Don’t care who said something, care about what he said. • Take off your social mask, keep sharing and be your true self. Features introduction • Totally anonymously posting and replying allows you to be yourself. • Instant photo sharing. Catch the crucial moments and share them right away. • Scoop-sharing in 24hr, grasp the hot scoop immediately • Graphic configuration, show your true colors. • Instant Notifications - keep up with the latest news • Friends’ scoop - Hear the true voices of your friends. • Global scoop- grasp the pulse of the world immediately • Activity History- follow current events that are important to you

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