Submitted: Thursday, 01 May 2014

Prattel is a social forum about you, where your profile is a collection of topics and questions about yourself that you select for your friends to answer publicly or anonymously. Post prompts such as “What is the funniest moment we've shared?”, "What word best describes me?", "Who should I be dating?", or "When did we first meet?". See what your friends think and get a chance to finally say what you have been thinking. We interact with many people every day and form impressions, thoughts, and memories about them: “she was cute,” “he should join our basketball team,” or “they should be dating.” Until now, most of these thoughts weren't expressed in real life or on social media because there wasn't a context for them, unless someone explicitly brought-up up the topic or question, and when they did the conversation was fleeting and stifled by social pressures. A person's Prattel profile is a self-made collection of these questions and prompts, which provides you and your friends that context in which to express these thoughts naturally, either anonymously or publicly, and in a lasting way.

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