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The Rules

Your project must:

  1. already be live and working (no email collection pages, closed betas, or pretending-we-have-a-product-but-really-we're-just-testing-the-market-pages please)
  2. ... but it must be relatively new*.
  3. be something of substance - we must be able to see you've put some work into it.
  4. provide some value - no scams, spam, or affiliate landing pages. Note that if we are unable to verify functionality that you claim to provide (for example because in order to do so we would need to log in, but we cannot because we do not have permission), we will usually be unwilling to consider this functionality as part of the review of your submission.
  5. be suitable for general viewing - no adult content or content of questionable legality.

*Our goal is to alert our readers of interesting websites and apps that they are unlikely to have seen before. Consistent with this goal, we are often quite relaxed about how long your submission has been live - what we are really trying to assess are things like: does your project have traction yet? Is it already well known / marketed?

What We Provide

As a minimum, all submissions are immediately published on our website in the "everything" list. Please don't spam us - we routinely scan this list for anything that obviously breaks the rules, and remove it.

Some submissions1 are reviewed in more detail and are rated on two criteria:

  1. Broadness of Appeal - What proportion of people with an internet connection are likley to be interested? Two categories:
    1. Has broad appeal.
    2. Is a niche project.
  2. Value/Significance - given someone is interested in the project, how much value can it provide them? Three categories:
    1. Very little value.
    2. Some value.
    3. Strong Value.

Submissions that we think have at least some value are made discoverable on the website to visitors who browse by tag.

Submissions that we consider provide strong value also have the rel='nofollow' search engine directive removed from the external link.

Submissions that we consider provide strong value AND that we consider have broad appeal are published to the front page of our website, to our email list, and to our twitter followers.

1 Currently all submissions are reviewed. If we become popular enough that this becomes burdensome, we may start charging a fee to guarentee a review. All review decisions are final, please do not contact us regarding the outcome of a review.

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